Tucanos' Famous Churrasco
Includes assorted breads, fried bananas, Unlimited Salad Festival, and the full Churrasco Selections. Beef
Picanha (Pea-CON-ya) Top SirloinGF
Fraldinha (Frow-JING-ya) Beef TenderloinGF
Picalho (Pea-CAL-yo) Garlic Parmesan BeefGF
Assado (Ah-SAH-do) Marinated Beef BrisketGF
Carne Marinada (Car-NEY Mar-in-NAH-da)GFD
Filé Mignon com Bacon Bacon Wrapped Filet MignonD Poultry
Peru (Peh-ROO) Turkey wrapped in BaconGF
Contra Coxa (CONE-trah CO-shah)GF
Coração de Frango (Cor-ah-SWON de FRAHN-go)GF Pork
Linguiça (Ling-GWEE-sah) Brazilian SausageD
Presunto (Pre-ZUN-toe) Brown Sugar-glazed HamGF
Lombo (LOAM-bow) Pork LoinGFD Other Selections
Frutos du Mar (FRU-toes du Mar) Seafood Selection
Legumes (Leh-GOOM-ees) Grilled Vegetables
Abacaxi (Ah-bah-kuh-SHEE) Grilled Pineapple GFIndicates Gluten Free
DAvailable at Dinner Only.
♥︎Indicates as a Tucanos Specialty
Tucanos regularly features other Churrasco Selections.
Selections subject to change without notice. Specialty Skewers
Specialty skewers can be added to any Tucanos' Churrasco. A skewer of your choice is cooked to order and brought to your table by your meat server. Each item is priced per skewer and sharing is encouraged. Cooking times vary and availability is limited. Shrimp Skewer
A full skewer of large shrimp grilled and brushed with our garlic sauce.GF Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon Skewer
Eight ounces of tender filet medallions wrapped in bacon and grilled to perfection. Sea Scallop Skewer♥︎
Succulent jumbo Scallops hand-wrapped in bacon and slowly open-flame grilled.GF Lobster
Gently steamed rock lobster tail served with lemon wedges and drawn butter.GF Appetizers
Taste of Brazil
An authentic Brazilian Coxinha filled with shredded chicken, herbs and spices. Onion Tropical
Seasoned sweet onion straws, fried and served with a wild mango dipping sauce. Nachos Brasileiros♥︎
A traditional favorite served with a Tucanos twist. Calamari
Tender calamari, lightly dusted with manioc flour and fried, served with sweet and zesty carnaval sauce. Brazilian Buffalo Wings
We add our Tucanos touch to a plate of tasty wings. Other Features
Unlimited Salad Festival
No dining experience would be complete without the Tucanos Festival of Salads. Prepared fresh daily. Tucanos Tempter
Assorted breads, fried bananas, Unlimited Salad Festival and a limited number of Churrasco Selections. Beverages
Brazilian Traditional Beverages
Brazilian Lemonade♥︎
free refill Fresh Fruit Juices
Mango, passion fruit, pineapple, guava, raspberry or strawberry Guarana♥︎
A refreshing soft-drink from the heart of the Amazon Brazilian Sunrise
Mango, passion fruit, grenadine & lemon-lime Tucanos Specialty Blended Drinks
Rio De Janeiro
Passion fruit, lemon-lime & ice cream Amazon
Mango, papaya, pineapple, banana & ice cream Ipanema
Coconut milk, banana, raspberry & ice cream Tucanos♥︎
Mango, passion fruit, pineapple, papaya, lemon-lime & ice cream (Add a shot of your favorite Rum or Flavored Vodka to any specialty drink. Other Drinks
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi & other Pepsi Products, Hot Chocolate, Coffee & Tea Desserts
Select from our abundant dessert tray or ask your server about our house favorites
Créme Brûlée
A time-honored favorite.GF Pudim de Leite♥︎
Our Brazilian Flan, richer and creamier than a traditional flan.GF Fruit Creams
A smooth blend of any of our fresh fruit purees & vanilla ice cream.GF Torre Chocolate
A decadent tower of chocolate cake. Brûlée Cheesecake
A home-made, rich and creamy baked cheesecake, glazed in a luscious creme and raspberry sauce. Truly AÕMAZON Fudge Brownie
A sinful warm brownie covered in chocolate and caramel sauces with a scoop of rich vanilla bean ice cream on top. Mango Butter Cake
Our famous butter cake infused with mango puree and served warm, topped with mango sorbet and diced mango. Copyright © 2014 Tucanos Brazilian Grill.
All rights reserved.